We decided to go back to our roots, to break away from our rainy routines and revisit a famous game: La pétanque.

Colonne is born from the observation of players grabbing the balls with magnets. The name Colonne come from the composition of the set, the stainless steel balls are linked by "vertebras"that allow the balls to stick together using magnetic force. The 4th ball is a lamp, allowing the players to finishing the game after sunset The rubber handle of the set is inspired by scuba masks, it allows one to carry the set but also to hang the light above the game. The vertebras are made of two aluminium machined parts screwed together to incapsulate a ring magnet. The piece is rubber coated for a better grip on the balls. The balls are powder coated and meant to take wear and tear on the field, following the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy, that brings beauty through imperfection and life marks.